About Crazy Fred 

Hi there, I'm Crazy Fred! let me tell you a little about myself and why I'm embarking on this venture.

I was born in Perth, Australia in 1972. One older brother, one younger sister. Our parents were both doctors with itchy feet and hippy tendencies. They bought a landrover and shipped it to Malasia,and drove through Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, across India, shipped accross to Kenya, drove accross africa to Ghana, on the west and we lived there for 4 years.

Throughout this part of my life, I developed a taste for spicy food. Political unrest, the military took our land rover from us, so we moved to Switzerland, then France and lived there for 4 years, learning to read write in french, and fuss about food quality. Then lived in Sweden, then Grenada in the West Indies. Here I acquired a taste for the tropical life, and its vast array of fruit and veg at easy reach.

Our minder showed me how to cook, West indian style. Again, due to political unrest, and the eminent American invasion, we fled across South America from Venezuela along the west coast to Chile and flew to Australia, the land of the barbeque. (Barbeque's go with beer, and beer goes with chilli sauce).

I acquired some pots and pans when our grand Auntie died, along with a secret recipe for apple chutney. Having spent my primary and high school days in Australia, it was time to pack up again and move on.

We lived in Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates, followed by Cyprus, then I 'moved out of home', and set anchor in London.

I could not find chilli sauce anywhere, apart from the Hounslow festival, Camden town market samosa man, and the Notting Hill carnival. I returned to Australia on a family matter, worked as a chef on a fishing boat, saved up to study computer programming, and returned to the UK to complete my university degree in Lincoln.

I met Sally, who dragged me up to Newcastle, and after months of exploration, discovered a chilli vendor on West Gate Road. I have been making my own chilli sauce ever since I've lived in the UK.  At Christmas time, would make friends and family apple chutney and my now renowned chilli sauce.

There seemed to be a gap in the local markets for ALL FRESH chilli sauces, so decided to get my relevant paperwork in order, and run stalls across the North East. I currently supply to 4 outlets, and am always working on ideas.

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