Welcome to Crazy Fred's Chilli Emporium

We're busy cooking up a new batch of chutney's and Sauce's. Orders are taking slightly longer to fulfil. Our apologies for the delay.

Established in 2010, I have been making my own chilli sauce for the last 4 years, especially useful as I have no choice but to cook at every BBQ we are invited to. At Christmas time, would make friends and family apple chutney and my now renowned chilli sauce.

There seemed to be a gap in the local markets for ALL FRESH chilli sauces, so decided to get my relevant paperwork in order, and run stalls across the North East. I currently supply to 4 outlets, and am always working on ideas.

If you want to read more have a look at the about me section.

Please note we normally ship to the UK ONLY, however email for further options

News and Events

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Thai Green Curry

It really does work. Fry onions, add chicken, add Crazy Fred’s Lime & Coconut Chutney, and Coconut milk.  Cook rice and there you have it, Thai green curry just like at the restaurant.  Easy peasey

Pizza Roulette

Relieve the lockdown boredom with a game of pizza roulette.   Create a pizza using extreme 2 chilli sauce (a sauce made from the world’s hottest chillies) as a base on half the pizza. Cook, slice, and mix up the slices. ...

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