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new product

Finally, after all the Corona related delays, I offer my latest concoction.  As seen in a dream, cherries and pineapples and all things nice, in a great big pot, and presto.  I bring you Cherry Pineapple Chutney.  As a release offer,…


Thai Green Curry

It really does work. Fry onions, add chicken, add Crazy Fred’s Lime & Coconut Chutney, and Coconut milk.  Cook rice and there you have it, Thai green curry just like at the restaurant.  Easy peasey

Pizza Roulette

Relieve the lockdown boredom with a game of pizza roulette.   Create a pizza using extreme 2 chilli sauce (a sauce made from the world’s hottest chillies) as a base on half the pizza. Cook, slice, and mix up the slices. …

Hello world!

Welcome to the new Crazy Fred’s website,  we hope you enjoy it. Expect new sauces through this coming year as well as Crazy Fred’s at your favourite Chilli and Food Fairs.

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